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Expeditions into the Wild

Cumberland Island at the Greyfield Inn
Psychedelic Grouper Production

Cumberland Island at the Greyfield Inn

I have seen hundreds of islands in my lifetime. From Cuba, the Bahamas, the Med, to the coastline of the South and I can say with confidence Cumberland Island takes the designation of my favorite island of all time. I have been coming to the island since 1999 and have always heard whispers of the Greyfield Inn, the only accommodations on the island and knew I had to see it. From the moment you step off that ferry you are immediately absorbed into the organism that is the Greyfield. A living breathing embodiment of the history of the island. A place you feel out of place for only a slight second as you acclimate to an earlier time. Your phone does not work, there is no Wi-Fi, no cable, no television. You realize you’ve done the closest thing to time travel that exists. You can walk out on the dock and see cars and lights of St. Mary’s in the distance, but your mind has a hard time processing the real world in the distance. Everything other than Cumberland feels alien in that moment. Long bike rides on the island expose you to an untouched natural sea island the world does not have many left of. I biked for ten miles down a beach on an 80-degree sunny day with not a soul to be found. The dirt roads on the island are bordered endlessly by some of the largest oaks in the south twisting into a canopy overhead. You feel like a king sitting on his Charleston green colored throne overlooking his kingdom around Greyfield. This place does not have the ability to let you down.
Far West Texas
Psychedelic Grouper Productions

Far West Texas

Got into Austin late at night and stayed at the historic Driskel Hotel. In the morning Allie and I hit the road for an 800 mile road trip to Terlingua, Texas near the Mexican border. It was a long haul, but as you passed through hill country and the desert began to open up, a strange feeling overcomes you. Your ego begins to melt away as you see the vastness of it all, and realize how big things really are. We grilled out and drank tequila as we watched the sun set and rise over the Mexican mountain border. In the morning we continued west over the mountains into Presidio, TX which is more Mexican than American, and then crossed the border into Ojinaga, Mexico. It must be said passports aren't required to enter Mexico, hell they didn't even make us roll down the windows as we rolled across the concrete jungle of a border. All of a sudden you're just in Mexico, without warning, without any signs, free to galivant across one of the biggest countries on earth - unrestricted and unknown. However when we came back across into the sweet U.S. of A. we had a thorough shake down by border patrol who worked us over good and then with a smile let us back into our home country, a process we take for granted as American citizens. From there, a bit shook up I might add, we took off for Marfa, TX, the real destination of it all. There we found a strange art town that looked like burning man and the LA art scene had a love child and abandoned it in the middle of nowhere. The craziest part is you're a good 8 hours from Austin, 5 from El Paso, and there is no option to fly - only driving, and you have 5-star meals, champagne, caviar, 10-20 thousand dollar pieces of art, high end clothes, and much more... just in the middle of nowhere. Of course the town owes a good bit of credit to Donald Judd and his art foundation. After two nights here we hit the highway again aiming for Dallas and as we would later find out, also oil country. A dry, dusty, oil-smelling place of never ending oil pumps and wind power. Oil country changes a man, but eventually we did make it to Thrifty, TX - our stop for the night, and found a relaxing retreat hidden on a small creek. We were exhausted by this point and barely had the energy to light a fire and kick back, but managed that much. Headed back in October, with my monoliths in tow from SC. So if anyone has an interest in planting a monolith give me a ring.
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