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"Running From the Sun"

"Running From the Sun"

As you may have noticed I like to paint birds, one for their obvious beauty, but two I believe birds in a lot of ways define a place or setting.  Sure there are many elements of a place that make that place unique, but birds are usually the most visible/audible part of this.  The Roadrunner is one of my favorite birds and one that is relatively new to me.  I first saw one in the desert of Terlingua, TX and have ever since been fascinated with this fast ground bird.  I'd like to think this painting represents a sense of urgency that the roadrunner feels in getting to its nest before sundown and the icey cold air of the desert sets in.  (Large wooden framing 2x3Feet)

    $1,250.00 Regular Price
    $1,062.50Sale Price
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