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The Land of Contradictions

The Land of Contradictions

Don't get me wrong Mexico City has been on my bucket list for some time.  Ever since I've been visiting Far West Texas there have been whispers of it from people coming back and forth to the capitol of Mexico.  So when we had a wedding in Colorado this summer it was only natural to head down to CDMX afterwards and see what it was all about.  We stayed in Roma Norte a artsy culinary destination fro the mexican middle class and people around the world seeking something a bit different to other artistic and fashion destinations.  What I wasn't expecting was how progressive and forward thinking Mexico City was.  A very liberal city, A+ food, friendly locals, art, fashion, and a heavy police/military presence holding it all together.  Yea, there are places you just don't go in the city, but same with Atlanta and Chicago or any big city anywhere in the world.  It's a city of 15 million, so yea there's going to be some bad apples mixed in.  For me this painting captures the heavy police presence I saw with the very progressive city I thoroughly enjoyed.  I would hope this painting, although intimidating on its face, would inspire others to dig into this destination and encourage them to hop on a plane and see it for yourself.  It's worth the trip and will surely expand what you think you knew of Mexico City.


4x4feet on handcrafted wood.

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